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Do you frequently have slow or clogged drains? Do you smell foul odors coming from your sewer system?

Before attempting to clear the drain with a liquid drain cleaner or plunger, call our professional drain specialists. Home remedies, liquid drain cleaners, and even plungers, can do more harm than good. Liquid drain cleaners are corrosive to most pipe materials and plungers can cause toilet leaks if used with too much force. We recommend scheduling routine drain snaking and never putting grease and oils into the kitchen sink and using only toilet paper in toilet drains. Even products labeled as “flushable” can cause backups in the main sewer system causing backups and costly repairs. Professional drain cleaning is safe and effective, plus our methods can restore your drain flow fast. We specialize in Drain Cleaning in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas and can clear even the toughest blockage from bathrooms, kitchens, and main sewer lines. We use professional grade equipment and specialized machines to thoroughly clean your drains.


Do you suspect roots have entered your main sewer pipe? Has cold weather damaged your sewer pipes or are you purchasing a new property and want to thoroughly inspect the plumbing?

You may need an in-depth view of the main sewer line to determine the issue and ideal repair. We are the clear choice for sewer camera inspections in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. We perform sewer camera inspections to check our drain work, but also to help identify larger issues such as roots in the line or damaged pipes. A camera inspection can help prevent costly excavation by pinpointing the exact issue allowing our team to perform the best repair for your needs and budget. Once we have identified the cause of blockages or damaged materials, we will walk you through all repair or service options. We also recommend performing an in-depth inspection prior to purchasing a new home to help you avoid surprises and costly repairs in the future. With our professional sewer camera services, we will be able to show you the cause of backups, extent of damage, and we can even trace out sewer lines and record the depth.


Does your home utilize a hydronic boiler system to heat your home? Are you in need of service or repairs? Or, are you interested in an energy efficient heating system to keep you warm during the cold winters?

We are the Clear Choice for hydronic heating service, repair and installation in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. Hydronic heating systems are great ways to evenly and efficiently heat your home. Because it heats your space through piping systems, and not forced air circulation, it also has the added benefit of improved air quality. However, hydronic heating systems require routine maintenance to ensure they remain fully operational when you need them most. Our team will check all safety operations, electric connections and heating elements. Schedule your maintenance prior to the cold season for maximum efficiency and peace of mind that you will have heat when winter arrives. If your hydronic boiler system has stopped working, you need a professional to locate the source of the issue and provide a fast repair. We have 24/7 emergency services available and offer our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. And if you are interested in updating or replacing your current heating system, we can help. We will walk you through all options and provide upfront and transparent costs so you can make an informed decision. 


Is your current sump pump alarm sounding, leaking, or in need of repair? Is your home prone to dampness or flooding and in need of a solution to save from water damage repairs?

We can help. Clear Choice Plumbing offers expert sump pump services in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. Sump pumps are installed for both water and sewage services. Water sump pumps are ideal for homes with low areas, or basements that are prone to dampness. Water damage can affect the structure of the home, leading to costly repairs. Sewage pumps help homeowners on septic systems or whose sewer main must travel uphill or long distances to pump waste to the city sewer systems. Once installed, sump pumps operate automatically, but they do require routine maintenance. They can also become clogged and lead to overflows and damage. Sump pump installation and repair is highly specialized and should only be performed by a licensed and specialized plumber. We will assess your property needs and determine the best solution for your sump pump repairs, maintenance or new installation. We offer free estimates for new installation and upfront pricing.


Have you ever wondered what’s in the water you drink and bathe in? Would you like to save money by getting rid of water bottles and have fresh clean drinking water from every tap in your home?

You can achieve all of this and help eliminate sediment in your plumbing pipes with Clear Choice Plumbing’s water treatment in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. We offer whole home water filtration that can give you pure, clean and fresh tasting water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Our water filtration can remove harmful contaminants found in city water such as chlorine and ground contaminants left after the cleaning and disinfection process. We also repair, service and install point of use systems that can eliminate harmful bacteria such as copper, chlorine and even lead from your drinking water. As water is processed before it enters your home, it is cleaned and disinfected, but that can leave it with a bad smell and taste, as well as harmful chlorine that can affect you and your family. With water softening and conditioning treatment, we can also help you save money on soap and laundry products while extending the life of your plumbing and home appliances. If you notice hard water scale on fixtures, spots on glasses and shower doors, or crystalline deposits in your coffee makers, a whole home softener can help. Our team will assess the water quality in your home and walk you through all your options to suit your needs and budget. We can also repair and service your existing systems.


Do you dream of endless hot water and lower utility bills? Is your water heater leaking and you are looking for a more efficient system?

Our tankless systems are ideal for every type of household and have many benefits. We install quality Noritz and Rinnai brands of tankless water heaters in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas for their superior service and warranties. Tankless water heaters are energy efficient, as they only heat water on demand. This means you can enjoy hot water for as long as you need it, but also provide water savings opportunities by not continually heating stored water that is not used. They also pose no flooding risk since they do not store water in a traditional storage tank. If you are considering upgrading your water heater, consider our tankless solutions. If you currently have a tankless water heater and it is time for annual service or it is flashing an error code, we can provide an assessment and make repairs. We provide fast and professional repairs to restore your hot water when you need it most.


Is your toilet constantly running? Are your faucets loose or leaking? Does your garbage disposal hum when turned on? Has a DIY repair gone wrong?

We specialize in all minor and major plumbing repairs, including toilets, faucets, garbage disposals and more in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. We have emergency services available 24/7 to help solve your plumbing problems as they happen and save you from leaks and floods that could cause water damage. Our team can help you address water pressure issues in faucets, or upgrade to new plumbing fixtures. If you have an old and clogged showerhead, we can help make it like new again or install a brand-new water saving showerhead without sacrificing water pressure. From toilet leaks to garbage disposals we can help service, repair or install any plumbing fixture in your home. We perform services to the highest standard and are committed to exceptional customer care and protecting your home. Don’t let a minor plumbing issue become a major problem or lead to costly water damage.


Are you experiencing leaks from your plumbing fixtures? Does your home have excessive water pressure? Do you have a potential gas leak in your home?

Clear Choice Plumbing offers expert residential plumbing in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. Our team will assess your home’s plumbing needs and offer customized solutions to suit your needs and budget. One of the leading causes of plumbing leaks is excessive water pressure and age. We can determine if you are experiencing frequent leaks that can be prevented while making a fast and professional repair. If you suspect a gas leak, we are licensed and insured and perform all gas leak detection and repairs to the highest safety standards while communicating with you from start to finish. We offer affordable pricing and emergency services 24/7 to help you when you need it most. We can clear minor to major drain clogs, install a new high-quality water heater, locate and repair dangerous gas leaks, solve unknown water leaks, repair your loose or leaking faucet or toilet, and install a new garbage disposal, plus so much more. From water leaks to re-pipes, we are your Clear Choice for all your home’s plumbing needs. 


Have your water pipes frozen or burst? Do you have active or frequent water leaks? Are you considering re-piping your home?

You can trust the team of experts at Clear Choice Plumbing for accurate leak detection and water line repair and replacement in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in repairing leaking water pipes in walls, ceilings and underneath slab foundations with minimal intrusion and long-term solutions. We can also assess your pipes if cold weather has caused bursts or leaks in your water pipes. We can help to winterize your home and thaw out frozen pipes. Our team has advanced training in safe water line repair, expert water line re-pipes and replacements, and will perform all work to the highest industry standards. We offer up front and transparent pricing, so you will always know our cost before work begins. Plus, we have 24/7 emergency services available to help you when disaster strikes. Plumbing leaks never happen at a convenient time, and we are here for you. We deliver unmatched quality and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. We repair and install all types of water supply lines from copper to PEX with the best warranties available.


Do you have hot water fluctuations? Is your water heater actively leaking, or has it burst in the middle of the night? Do you have a hydronic heat source and need service in the middle of winter?

We offer emergency services 24/7 for your water heaters in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas. Water heater leaks can lead to floods, costly structural and water damage, as well as hazardous mold growth. Inefficient water heaters can also increase utility bills and pose failure risks from heating elements and anode rods. We can assess the condition of your water heater and provide the best solutions to keep your system working at its optimal level. When assessing your water heater, we will look for signs of rust, corrosion, leaks or other failures that may be costing you money. We can provide an estimate for repair or replacement and restore your hot water quickly.  If the water heater is older than 10 years, or requires frequent repairs, it is time to upgrade the system. We proudly install American made Bradford White water heaters with great warranties but can also service and repair most brands. If you have a hydronic water heater and find it is affecting your home comfort, we can help. Our team is trained in all brands, types, and styles of water heaters for your home needs and provides a professional solution to your water heater issues.

We stand behind all our work with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We aim to provide peace of mind and the highest standards in plumbing and drain service, repair and installation. For all your plumbing in Milford, PA and the surrounding areas, we are the Clear Choice! Call 570-223-3181 today.



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